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There are Grammars in Edo Language



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1.                  Owo / Okpa

2.                  Eva

3.                  Eha

4.                  Ene

5.                  Isen

6.                  Ehan

7.                  Ihinron

8.                  Erenren

9.                  Ihinrin

10.              Igbe

11.              Oworo

12.              Iwĕva

13.              Iwĕha

14.              Iwĕnen

15.              Ekesugie

16.              Enen ei ro vb ugie

17.              Eha ei ro vb ugie

18.              Eva eir ro vb ugie

19.              Okpa ei ro vb ugie

20.              Ugie

21.              Okpa yaen ugie

22.              Eva yaen ugie

23.              Eha yaen ugie

24.              Enen yaen ugie

25.              Isen yaen ugie

26.              Enen ei ro vbe ogban

27.              Eha ei ro vbe ogban

28.              Eva ei ro vbe ogban

29.              Okpa ei ro vbe ogban

30.              Ogban

31.              Okpa yaen ogban

32.              Eva yaen ogban

33.              Eha  yaen ogban

34.              Enen yaen ogban

35.              Isen yaen ogban

36.              Enen ei ro vbe iyi-eva

37.              Eha ei ro vbe iyi-eva

38.              Eva ei ro vbe iyi-eva

39.              Okpa ei ro vbe iyi-eva

40.              Iyi eva

41.              Okpa yaen iyi-eva

42.              Eva yaen iyi-eva

43.              Eha yaen iyi-eva

44.              Ene yaen iyi-eva

45.              Isen yaen iyi-eva

46.              Enen ei ro vbe kigbe si yi-eha


47.              Enen ei ro vbe kigbe si yi-eha

48.              Eha ei ro vbe kigbe si yi-eha

48                Eva ei ro vbe kigbe si yi-eha

49                Oka ei ro vbe kigbe si yi-eha

50                Ekigbe si yi-eha

51                Okpa yaen ekigbe si yi-eha

52                Eva yaen e kigbe si yi-eha

53                Eha yaen e kigbe si yi-eha

54                Enen yaen e kigbe si yi-eha

55                Isen yaen e kigbe si yi-eha

56                Enen ei ro vbe iyi-eha

57                Eha ei ro vbe iyi-eha

58                Eva ei ro vbe iyi-eha

59                Okpa ei ro vbe iyi-eha

60                Iyi-eha




70                Igbe ei ro vbe iyi-enen; (or) Iyi-eha vbe igbe (iyi-ha kevbe igbe)

80                Iyi-enen

90                Igbe ei ro vbe iyi-sen

100            Iyi-sen

110            Igbe yaen Iyi-sen

120            Ugie yaen Iyi-sen

130            Ogban yaen Iyi-sen

140            Iyi-eva yaen Iyi-sen

150            Ekigbe si yi-eha yaen Iyi-sen

160            Iyi-eha yaen Iyi-sen

170            Igbe ei ro vbe iyi-enen yaen iyi-sen

180            Iyi-enen yaen iyi-isen

190            Igbe ei ro vbe iyi-sen yaen iyi-sen

200            Iyi-sen vbi he va (100 in two places, or 100 x 2)


(To be continued)








Edo Language                                                English Language


bkhan                                                        welcome

bwa                                                           greetings to you at home

Kyo                                                               hello

Vb ye h?                                                   How are you/how is it?

y s                                                            It is fine, o.k.

bwie                                                           good morning

bvn                                                           good afternoon

b t                                                            good evening

khen wie                                                     until tomorrow morning/good night

bwn                                                          greetings to you at work

r s                                                           thank you

slgb                                                           complements of the seasons (end of the year/new

years greetings)


Next in Lesson One, we shall study a little bit of  the Edo language grammar as follows:


Alphabets:      B D F G H K L M N P R S T V W Y Z


A-Alpha; B-Bingo; D-Dickson; E-Enugu; E-Edward; F-Fiction; G-Give; I-India; H-Hero; K-Kelly;

L-Lay; M-Minna; N-Needle; O-Obedience; O-Order; P-Peter; R-Richmond; S-Sister; T-Tea; U-Pull; V-Victor; Y-Yanky; Z-Zero.


Note: The first letter after the consonant D, i.e. takes the form of vowel (H) while the fifth letter and vowel in the Alphabets is pronounced (EH) (mid tone) and a dot under the letter E


From the above graphic alphabets you will observe that the Edo language has no letters like "C", "J" and "X".




Edo Language




Vbo y h(h)                           

y s                        


Vb te rue?              

Vb ore 'n rue             









how is it?

it is fine or good


What is are you called?

What is your name?




my relation

male, man

female, woman



Now, how can I say in Edo language:


My male relation                       _____________________________

My female relation                    _____________________________

My brother                               _____________________________

My sister                                  _____________________________

Hello, my brother                      _____________________________

Hello, my sister             _____________________________

Hello, father my father   _____________________________

Hello, my mother                      ______________________________


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